MQTT Volume Control

The MQTT Volumne Control Android app allows you to control the volume control levels (and mute) of an Android device from HomeAssistant via MQTT.

The app supports HomeAssistant MQTT auto discovery, so the volume control will automatically appear as number (slider) entities, and mute as switches.

You can configure five things:

  • Server address: The server name or IP address of your MQTT broker. This field is required.
  • Port number: The MQTT broker’s port number – the default is 1883. This field is required.
  • Username: If you need a username to log on to your MQTT broker.
  • Password: If you need a password to log on to your MQTT broker.
  • Automatically connect on app start & reboot: Check this to automatically attempt to connect when the app is started or after a device reboot.

Privacy Policy

The app does not communicate with anything but the configured MQTT broker.

The data entered will be saved on the local Android device, and will be sent to the configured MQTT broker.

The MQTT data contains:

  • the Android device name (Bluetooth name), the Android ID, model, and manufacturer
  • volume control level settings
  • volume mute settings

The device identifiers are used for HomeAssistant MQTT auto discovery.